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Chinese military unit accused of cyber-espionage bought multiple western antivirus products

A Chinese military unit that was accused last month by Japanese authorities of carrying out a years-long cyber-espionage campaign was seen buying batches of different western-made antivirus products.

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Apple releases fixes for three WebKit zero-days, additional patches for a fourth

Apple has released today security updates for multiple products to patch three zero-days and roll out additional patches for a fourth that the company said they might have been exploited in the wild.

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Hacking campaign targets FileZen file-sharing network appliances

Threat actors are using two vulnerabilities in a popular file-sharing server to breach corporate and government systems and steal sensitive data as part of a global hacking campaign that has already hit a major target in the Japanese Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office.

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Hackers go after SonicWall email appliances with three zero-days

A hacking group has used three zero-day vulnerabilities impacting SonicWall products to breach corporate networks and install backdoors, security firm FireEye said in a report on Tuesday.

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Chinese hackers used Pulse Secure VPN zero-day to breach US defense contractors

Two hacking groups, including at least one confirmed Chinese cyber-espionage outfit, have used a new zero-day vulnerability in Pulse Secure VPN equipment to gain a foothold inside the networks of US defense contractors and government organizations across the world.

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Recent Chromium bug used to attack Chinese WeChat users

A Chrome exploit published online last week has been weaponized and abused to attack WeChat users in China, a local security firm reported on Friday.

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Google’s Project Zero updates vulnerability disclosure rules to add patch cushion

The Google Project Zero security team has updated its vulnerability disclosure guidelines today to add a cushion of 30 days to every security bug disclosure, so end-users have enough time to patch software and prevent attackers from weaponizing bugs.

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Another Chrome and Edge exploit published online as browser makers deal with patch gap issues

For the second time this week, a security researcher has published proof-of-concept (PoC) code that can exploit and run malicious code inside Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, and Opera.

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Security researcher drops Chrome and Edge exploit on Twitter

An Indian security researcher has published details today about a zero-day vulnerability impacting Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other Chromium-based browsers like Opera and Brave.

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Google: North Korean hackers are still targeting security researchers

The North Korean government-backed hackers who spent last year trying to lure security professionals to malicious sites to infect their systems with malware have returned with new attacks.