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Osiris banking trojan shuts down as new Ares variant emerges

The creator of the Osiris banking trojan has shut down its operation in March, citing a lack of interest for banking trojans in the cybercriminal underground.

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Rare new Windows rootkit spotted in Chinese APT attacks

In a report published today, security firm Kaspersky said it discovered a rare new Windows rootkit that has remained undetected since at least 20018 and has been deployed in some highly targeted attacks.

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Malware group leaks millions of stolen authentication cookies

For weeks, Bob Diachenko, Cyber Threat Intelligence Director at security firm Security Discovery, has been trying to convince a cloud provider to intervene and take down a malware group’s server that was leaking hundreds of thousands of stolen passwords and millions of authentication cookies.

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GitHub to review its exploit-hosting policy in light of recent scandal

Code-hosting platform GitHub has asked the infosec community to provide feedback on a series of proposed changes to the site’s policies that dictate how its employees will deal with malware and exploit code uploaded to its platform.

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QNAP warns of AgeLocker ransomware attacks against NAS devices

Taiwanese hardware vendor QNAP said today that its network-attached storage (NAS) devices are under attack by a ransomware operation known as AgeLocker.

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Security firm Kaspersky believes it found new CIA malware

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said today it discovered new malware that appears to have been developed by the US Central Intelligence Agency.

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Apple patches Gatekeeper bypass bug abused by malware gang

On Monday, Apple has released macOS Big Sur 11.3 with a security fix for a vulnerability that was being abused by a malware gang to bypass the operating system’s security checks.

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Despite arrests in Spain, FluBot operations explode across Europe and Japan

Cyber-security agencies in Germany and the UK warned the general public this month about a spike in SMS spam messages spreading the Flubot Android malware.

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Password manager Passwordstate hacked to deploy malware on customer systems

A mysterious threat actor has compromised the update mechanism of enterprise password manager application Passwordstate and deployed malware on its users’ devices, most of which are enterprise customers.

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Sysrv: A new crypto-mining botnet is silently growing in the shadows

If you forget to update or properly secure an internet-connected server or web app, the chances are that a crypto-mining botnet will infect it first, long before any nation-state hacking group. Crypto-mining botnets have been a plague on the internet for the past three years, and despite the space being more than saturated, new botnets are being built and discovered on a re.gular basis, driven mainly by cybercriminals’ unquenched thirst for easy money.