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NSA leaker Reality Winner released early for good behavior

Reality Winner, a former NSA intelligence contractor who leaked a classified hacking report to the press in 2017, was released today from prison for good behavior, her attorney announced on Twitter.

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Supreme Court narrows scope of CFAA computer hacking law

The United States Supreme Court has ruled today in a 6-3 vote to overturn a hacking-related conviction for a Georgia police officer, and by doing so, it also narrowed down the scope of the US’ primary hacking law, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

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Agents raid home of Kansas man seeking info on botnet that infected DOD network

US military investigators have raided the home of a Kansas man looking for information about a crypto-mining botnet that has infected US Air Force servers.

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FBI operation removed web shells from hacked Exchange servers across the US

The US Department of Justice announced today that a US judge granted the FBI the authority to log into web shells planted by hackers on Exchange email servers across the US and remove the malware as part of a mass-uninstall operation.

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Sweden drops Russian hacking investigation due to legal complications

The Swedish government dropped today its investigation into the 2017 hack of its sports authority, citing the legal constraints that would have prevented prosecutors from charging the Russian hackers responsible for the intrusion, which officials claimed were mere pawns operating on behalf of a “foreign power.”

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Polish blogger sued after revealing security issue in encrypted messenger

The company behind the UseCrypt Messenger encrypted instant messaging application filed a lawsuit last month against a Polish security researcher for publishing an article that exposed a vulnerability in the app’s user invite mechanism.