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Babuk gang says it will stop ransomware attacks after DC Police incident

The operators of the Babuk Locker ransomware have announced plans to stop carrying out ransomware intrusions and focus on data theft and extortion instead.

Illinois OAG
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Ransomware gang leaks court and prisoner files from Illinois Attorney General Office

The operators of the DopplePaymer ransomware have leaked a large collection of files from the Illinois Office of the Attorney General after negotiations have broken down and officials refused to pay a ransom demand, The Record has learned.

US police
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Ransomware gang threatens to expose police informants if ransom is not paid

A ransomware gang is threatening to leak sensitive police files that may expose police investigations and informants unless the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia agrees to pay a ransom demand.

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Ransomware gang wants to short the stock price of their victims

The operators of the Darkside ransomware are expanding their extortion tactics with a new technique aimed at companies that are listed on NASDAQ or other stock markets. In a message posted on their dark web portal, the Darkside crew said it is willing to notify crooked market traders in advance so they can short a company’s stock price before they list its name on their website as a victim.

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Ransomware gang tries to extort Apple hours ahead of Spring Loaded event

The operators of the REvil ransomware are demanding that Apple pay a ransom demand to avoid having confidential information leaked on the dark web.

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Ransomware gang demands $50 million from computer maker Acer

Taiwanese computer maker Acer has suffered a ransomware attack over the past weekend at the hands of the REvil ransomware gang, which is now demanding a whopping $50 million ransom payment to decrypt the company’s computers and not leak its data on the dark web.