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Brazilian gang defrauds Uber, Lyft, DoorDash using GPS spoofing and stolen IDs

US authorities have charged a gang of Brazilian nationals for a scheme that defrauded the customers of services like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and two other unidentified food delivery services.

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DOJ hiring new liaison prosecutor to hunt cybercriminals in Eastern Europe

The Justice Department is hiring a new Liaison Prosecutor to work with authorities in Eastern Europe to combat the rising wave of organized cybercrime activity.

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FBI operation removed web shells from hacked Exchange servers across the US

The US Department of Justice announced today that a US judge granted the FBI the authority to log into web shells planted by hackers on Exchange email servers across the US and remove the malware as part of a mass-uninstall operation.

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US arrests suspect who wanted to blow up AWS data center

The FBI has arrested on Thursday a Texas man who planned to blow up one of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers in an attempt to “kill of about 70% of the internet.”

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Man sentenced to prison after attempting to buy a neurotoxin on the dark web

A Missouri man was sentenced today to 12 years in prison after he attempted to buy a deadly poisonous chemical from the dark web during an undercover FBI operation. The suspect, a 46-year-old man named Jason William Siesser of Columbia, Missouri, was also denied parole due to the severity of his crime.

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Man charged for hacking Kansas water utility with intent to harm public

The US Department of Justice has indicted today a Kansas man on charges of hacking into the computer system of a local water utility and trying to sabotage water processing operations with the intent to harm the local public.

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Verkada hacker charged in the US for hacking more than 100 companies

The US Department of Justice has charged today a Swiss national for hacking into more than 100 companies and leaking proprietary data online on their personal website. The hacker, Till (more commonly known as Tillie) Kottmann, 21, of Lucerne, Switzerland, is also the individual who breached cloud-based surveillance firm Verkada earlier this month and leaked security camera footage from some of its customers —including streams from companies like Tesla, Cloudflare, Okta, but also jails, schools, and hospitals.