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Google to enable 2FA for all users, add privacy labels to Android apps

On World Password Day, on Thursday, Google has announced two upcoming security and privacy changes that will help the company’s customers stay safe in the face of an ever-increasing wave of cyber-attacks and intrusive tracking technologies.

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An estimated 30% of all smartphones vulnerable to new Qualcomm bug

Around a third of all smartphones in the world are believed to be affected by a new vulnerability in a Qualcomm modem component that can grant attackers access to the device’s call and SMS history and even audio conversations.

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Cryptocurrency apps were heavily targeted by Android banking trojans in 2020

Android banking trojans had their most productive year to date in 2020, a year during which they more than doubled the number of apps they targeted for data theft.

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Despite arrests in Spain, FluBot operations explode across Europe and Japan

Cyber-security agencies in Germany and the UK warned the general public this month about a spike in SMS spam messages spreading the Flubot Android malware.

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Official client for the APKPure Android app store compromised with malware

The official client for APKPure, the second-largest Android app store after the Google Play Store, was compromised with malware this week, three security firms said on Friday.

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Android malware found on Huawei’s official app store

A security firm said this week it found malware on Huawei’s official Android app store, the AppGallery. Russian antivirus maker Dr.Web said it found ten apps from three developers that were infected with Joker, a type of Android malware that subscribes users to premium phone services in a tactic known as WAP fraud.

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Chinese Android malware gang still active and targeting Koreans 8 years later

Despite having its operations publicly exposed in the mid-2010s, a Chinese malware gang has not faced any legal consequences for their actions and has continued to operate undisturbed, spreading Android banking trojans inside South Korea.

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Google to restrict Android apps from viewing other apps installed on the same device

Google has announced plans today to restrict the ability of Android apps from seeing what other applications are installed on the same device, citing privacy and security reasons.

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Google collects 20 times more telemetry from Android devices than Apple from iOS

Academic research published last week looked at the telemetry traffic sent by modern iOS and Android devices back to Apple and Google servers and found that Google collects around 20 times more telemetry data from Android devices than Apple from iOS.

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Google: Android bug detected exploited in the wild

US tech giant Google said today it detected signs that a small number of Android device owners have been attacked using a vulnerability in the Android operating system that was patched in January 2021.