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Ransomware gang targets Microsoft SharePoint servers for the first time

Microsoft SharePoint servers have now joined the list of network devices being abused as an entry vector into corporate networks by ransomware gangs.

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Suspected BEC gang arrested in Nigeria amid internet fraud crackdown efforts

Nigerian authorities arrested 18 suspects last week in the province of Ogun on internet fraud-related charges, including malware and business email compromise (BEC) attacks, officials told The Record today.

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Hospitals, Schools Get a Crucial Break From Ransomware Attacks

After a year of what felt like nonstop cyberattacks on the most vulnerable targets, healthcare and government organizations started 2021 with ransomware incidents at their lowest point in more than a year. There were just two ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations in January, a fourfold decrease from the monthly average in 2020. State and local governments reported four ransomware incidents in January—that compares to 14 attacks in December of last year and 15 attacks from one year prior…