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Sprawling cyber-espionage campaign linked to Chinese military unit

Cybersecurity experts have uncovered evidence that interconnects several multi-year and sprawling cyber-espionage campaigns to a Chinese military unit operating out of the city of Ürümqi in China’s western province of Xianjing.

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APT group targets diplomatic organizations in Africa and the Middle East

Security experts have discovered a new cyber-espionage (APT) group that has spent the past four years targeting diplomatic organizations across Africa and the Middle East.

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Russian hackers breached Dutch police systems in 2017

Hackers working on behalf of Russian intelligence services breached the internal network of Dutch police in 2017 during the country’s investigation of the MH-17 crash.

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Google patches Chrome zero-day linked to ‘commercial exploit company’

Google has released an update for the Chrome browser today to fix a zero-day vulnerability the company’s security team said was part of the arsenal of a “commercial exploit company.”

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Ukraine warns of ‘massive’ Russian spear-phishing campaign

Three Ukrainian cybersecurity agencies have warned last week of a “massive” spear-phishing operation carried out by Russian threat actors against the Ukrainian government and private sector.

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Backdoor malware found on the Myanmar president’s website, again

A cyber-espionage hacking group is believed to have hacked the website of the Myanmar president’s office and planted a backdoor trojan inside a localized Myanmar font package available for download on the site’s front page.

The Department of Justice unsealed a series of cybersecurity indictments.
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US seizes two domains used by the SVR in recent hacking campaign

The US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have seized two domains abused by Russian hacking group APT29 that have been used as part of a sprawling spear-phishing campaign that targeted government agencies, think tanks, consultants, and NGOs.

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NSA spied on European politicians through Danish telecommunications hub

Denmark’s foreign secret service allowed the US National Security Agency to tap into a crucial internet and telecommunications hub in Denmark and spy on the communications of European politicians, a joint investigation by some of Europe’s biggest news agencies revealed on Sunday.

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SVR cyberspies used iOS zero-day in recent phishing campaign

The Russian hacking group that breached software provider SolarWinds in an infamous supply chain attack last year has returned to its regular skullduggery and, for the past few months, has conducted a massive spear-phishing operation aimed at government agencies, think tanks, consultants, and NGOs.

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Days before a report, Chinese hackers removed malware from infected networks

Last month, security firm FireEye detected a Chinese hacking campaign that exploited a zero-day vulnerability in Pulse Secure VPN appliances to breach defense contractors and government organizations in the US and across Europe.