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NSA leaker Reality Winner released early for good behavior

Reality Winner, a former NSA intelligence contractor who leaked a classified hacking report to the press in 2017, was released today from prison for good behavior, her attorney announced on Twitter.

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G7 calls on Russia to crack down on ransomware gangs

In light of the recent wave of high-profile ransomware attacks that have caused havoc in the US and Europe, the member states of the G7 group have called on Russia and other countries to crack down on ransomware gangs operating within their borders.

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Authorities seize SlilPP, a marketplace for stolen login credentials

The US Department of Justice announced today it seized the servers and domains of SlilPP, a well-known online marketplace where criminal groups assembled to trade stolen login credentials.

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Russian hackers breached Dutch police systems in 2017

Hackers working on behalf of Russian intelligence services breached the internal network of Dutch police in 2017 during the country’s investigation of the MH-17 crash.

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Google patches Chrome zero-day linked to ‘commercial exploit company’

Google has released an update for the Chrome browser today to fix a zero-day vulnerability the company’s security team said was part of the arsenal of a “commercial exploit company.”

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Ransomware hits Capitol Hill contractor

A company that provides a user engagement platform for US politicians has suffered a ransomware attack, leaving many lawmakers unable to email their constituents for days.

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FBI and Australian police ran an encrypted chat platform to catch criminal gangs

The FBI and Australian Federal Police ran an encrypted chat platform and intercepted secret messages between criminal gang members from all over the world for more than three years.

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DOJ officials say they recovered most of the Colonial ransomware payment

In a video press conference today, US officials said they recovered the vast majority of the $4.3 million that Colonial Pipeline paid to a ransomware gang last month after the hackers encrypted its IT network in a security incident that disrupted fuel supply for the entire US East Coast.

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Ukraine warns of ‘massive’ Russian spear-phishing campaign

Three Ukrainian cybersecurity agencies have warned last week of a “massive” spear-phishing operation carried out by Russian threat actors against the Ukrainian government and private sector.

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US arrests Latvian woman who worked on Trickbot malware source code

The US Department of Justice has arraigned in court today a Latvian woman who was part of the Trickbot malware crew, where she served as a programmer and wrote code for controlling the malware and deploying ransomware on infected computers.