Instagram rolls out new tool to help users secure hacked accounts

Instagram has begun rolling out a new security feature that will help users secure compromised accounts and kick out hackers.

Named Security Checkup, the new feature is a prompt that will appear on users' devices whenever Instagram detects a suspicious login for a user's account or when there are signs the account was compromised; an Instagram spokesperson told The Record in a phone call today.

The prompt will guide users through the steps needed to re-secure their profiles, such as checking recent login activity, reviewing profile information, confirming the accounts that share login information, and updating the account's recovery contact information such as phone number or emails in order to reset a hacker's actions.


A similar account recovery system is already in place for Facebook accounts.

Instagram told The Record that Security Checkup will roll out to all users within the next weeks.

The social networking giant also encouraged users to take full advantage of all the other security features it has added to its service, and is recommending that users:

  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Enable the Login Request feature.
  • Update their profile's phone numbers and email addresses to used actively monitored ones.
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Catalin Cimpanu

Catalin Cimpanu

is a cybersecurity reporter who previously worked at ZDNet and Bleeping Computer, where he became a well-known name in the industry for his constant scoops on new vulnerabilities, cyberattacks, and law enforcement actions against hackers.