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‘More of an Art Than a Science:’ Behind the Government’s Effort To Measure Cybersecurity

A dirty little secret of cybersecurity is that no one really knows how to measure it. To start filling that void, the U.S. government standards agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is leading a big push to catalogue existing measurement systems and research new ones. NIST asked in September for public comments about how organizations measure their cybersecurity performance….

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Why Biden Might Follow Trump’s Lead on Cybersecurity Policy

On many issues—climate change, immigration, relations with Iran—the incoming Biden administration is expected to reverse President Trump’s policies. On cybersecurity, not so much. In interviews with The Record, and at a series of online events this week, commentators and potential Biden appointees said the new administration, in its efforts to protect U.S. computer networks, would seek to build on the progress made primarily by officials at the Department of Homeland Security, rather than attempt a clean policy break….

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Why a Failed Election Hack Could Be Worse Than a Successful One

According to former intelligence and homeland security officials, it doesn’t matter how strong the U.S.’s cyber defenses are in the lead-up to the election, because even a failed or thwarted hack could still disrupt the vote—maybe even worse than a successful one…