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Google Chrome
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Security researcher drops Chrome and Edge exploit on Twitter

An Indian security researcher has published details today about a zero-day vulnerability impacting Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other Chromium-based browsers like Opera and Brave.

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LinkedIn denies 500 million user data breach

LinkedIn has formally denied a rumor that it suffered a devastating security breach that exposed the account details of more than 500 million of its registered users.

contact form
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Microsoft: Malware gang uses website contact forms for distribution

Microsoft said today it spotted a cybercrime operation abusing contact forms on legitimate websites to target companies and their workers in attempts to infect them with the IcedID malware.

Android apps
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Official client for the APKPure Android app store compromised with malware

The official client for APKPure, the second-largest Android app store after the Google Play Store, was compromised with malware this week, three security firms said on Friday.

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US arrests suspect who wanted to blow up AWS data center

The FBI has arrested on Thursday a Texas man who planned to blow up one of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers in an attempt to “kill of about 70% of the internet.”

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Maze/Egregor ransomware cartel estimated to have made $75 million

The group behind the Maze and Egregor ransomware operations are believed to have earned at least $75 million worth of Bitcoin from ransom payments following intrusions at companies all over the world.

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Android malware found on Huawei’s official app store

A security firm said this week it found malware on Huawei’s official Android app store, the AppGallery. Russian antivirus maker Dr.Web said it found ten apps from three developers that were infected with Joker, a type of Android malware that subscribes users to premium phone services in a tactic known as WAP fraud.

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Pwn2Own 2021 hacking contest ends with a three-way tie

The 2021 spring edition of Pwn2Own, the cybersecurity industry’s biggest hacking competition, has come to a close today with a three-way tie between Team Devcore, OV, and the duo of security researchers Daan Keuper and Thijs Alkemade.

supercomputing ai ml
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US adds seven Chinese supercomputing entities to economic blacklist

The US Department of Commerce added today seven Chinese supercomputing entities to the US economic blacklist for assisting Chinese military efforts. The US said the entities are involved in activities “contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States,” such as building supercomputers used by the Chinese military and working on weapons of mass destruction.

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LG promises three years of security updates after pulling out of smartphone biz

South Korean smartphone maker LG said today it plans to provide software and security updates for its premium handsets for up to three years after the year of purchase.