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UK and US share more vulnerabilities exploited by Russia’s APT29 hackers

The UK government’s cybersecurity agency has published today an in-depth report detailing techniques used by a group of Russian state hackers known as APT29, Cozy Bear, or the Dukes.

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Security firm Kaspersky believes it found new CIA malware

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said today it discovered new malware that appears to have been developed by the US Central Intelligence Agency.

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Facebook disrupts two nation-state groups operating out of Palestine

The Facebook security team announced today that it disrupted the activities of two state-sponsored hacking groups operating out of Palestine that abused its platform to infect users with malware.

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Chinese hackers used Pulse Secure VPN zero-day to breach US defense contractors

Two hacking groups, including at least one confirmed Chinese cyber-espionage outfit, have used a new zero-day vulnerability in Pulse Secure VPN equipment to gain a foothold inside the networks of US defense contractors and government organizations across the world.

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Japanese police say Tick APT is linked to Chinese military

Japanese law enforcement believes a group of hackers linked to the Chinese military are behind a broad cyber-espionage campaign that has breached more than 200 Japanese companies and organizations since at least 2016.

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CISA, FBI, NSA reveal five enterprise bugs exploited by Russia’s APT29 group

Three US security agencies have published on Thursday a joint advisory to expose and draw attention to five vulnerabilities in popular enterprise equipment that have and are still being abused by Russian state hackers to breach corporate and government networks.

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Sweden drops Russian hacking investigation due to legal complications

The Swedish government dropped today its investigation into the 2017 hack of its sports authority, citing the legal constraints that would have prevented prosecutors from charging the Russian hackers responsible for the intrusion, which officials claimed were mere pawns operating on behalf of a “foreign power.”

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US says APTs are using Fortinet bugs to gain initial access for future attacks

In a joint security alert published today, on Friday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said they’d observed multiple state-sponsored hacking groups scanning the web for Fortinet devices in order to find and gain access to sensitive networks so they could launch future attacks.

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Iranian cyberspies target professionals at medical research organizations in the US, Israel

Hackers linked to Iran have targeted 25 senior professionals at various medical research organizations located in a the US and Israel as part of a weeks-long phishing campaign, email security firm Proofpoint revealed today.

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RedEcho group parks domains after public exposure

A Chinese hacking group linked to a campaign that targeted India’s power grid and critical infrastructure entities has taken down its attack infrastructure after having its operations exposed at the end of February 2021.