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Cryptocurrency apps were heavily targeted by Android banking trojans in 2020

Android banking trojans had their most productive year to date in 2020, a year during which they more than doubled the number of apps they targeted for data theft.

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Despite arrests in Spain, FluBot operations explode across Europe and Japan

Cyber-security agencies in Germany and the UK warned the general public this month about a spike in SMS spam messages spreading the Flubot Android malware.

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FluBot Malware Gang Arrested in Barcelona

Catalan police arrested four suspects last week on suspicion of managing FluBot, an Android malware strain that infected at least 60,000 devices, with most victims located in Spain. Four men, aged between 19 and 27, were arrested in Barcelona on Tuesday, March 2.

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Massive FluBot Botnet Infects 60,000 Android Smartphones

In the span of just two months, a new Android malware strain named FluBot has infected more than 60,000 devices, with 97% of the victims located in Spain. First spotted at the start of the year by security firm ThreatFabric (under the name of Cabassous), FluBot’s inner workings were described in a report published today by Swiss security firm PRODAFT…