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Fujitsu suspends ProjectWEB platform after Japanese government hacks

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has temporarily taken down its ProjectWEB enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform after hackers gained access to its systems and stole files belonging to multiple Japanese government entities.

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Belgium government discovers old 2019 hack during Hafnium investigation

Belgian officials said that hackers breached the network of its interior ministry in a security incident that took place in April 2019.

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French authorities seize their third dark web marketplace

French authorities have dismantled their third dark web marketplace over the last four years after they seized control of “Le Monde Parallèle” (The Parallel World) last week.

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Indonesian government blocks hacking forum after data leak

The Indonesian government has blocked access inside its borders to Raid Forums, a well-known cybercrime hub, in an attempt to limit the spread of a sensitive data leak.

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Belgium approves new cyber strategy with emphasis on essential institutions

Roughly two weeks after Belgium’s parliament, universities, and scientific institutions were hit by a cyberattack, the country’s National Security Council approved a new cybersecurity strategy that aims to overhaul its digital defenses. In a 45-page report written in Dutch that was published on Thursday, the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium, which acts as the country’s central authority on cybersecurity, spelled out six strategic areas that it will focus on over the next five years…

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FBI: Conti ransomware gang attacked more than 400 orgs, including 911 centers

The Conti ransomware gang has victimized more than 400 organizations worldwide, 290 of which were based in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a security alert it sent on Thursday.

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Chinese governments has warned 222 apps to remove data slurping code

Three weeks after a data privacy protection law has entered into effect in China, the Beijing government has begun warning mobile app developers to remove intrusive data slurping code that collects unnecessary user information beyond an application’s primary scope.

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FSB NKTsKI: Foreign ‘cyber mercenaries’ breached Russian federal agencies

Foreign hackers have breached and stolen information from Russian federal executive bodies, the Russian government said in a report published last week.

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Israel bombed two Hamas cyber targets

Amid the recent flareup in the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Israeli military said it bombed two objectives in the Gaza Strip that housed centers for Hamas cyber operations.

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EU extends sanctions against Chinese, Russian, and N. Korean hackers for another year

The European Union has extended today the legal framework that allows it to sanction foreign hackers, effectively extending its existing sanctions on Chinese, Russian, and North Korean hackers for another year, until May 18, 2022.