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LG promises three years of security updates after pulling out of smartphone biz

South Korean smartphone maker LG said today it plans to provide software and security updates for its premium handsets for up to three years after the year of purchase.

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Chinese Android malware gang still active and targeting Koreans 8 years later

Despite having its operations publicly exposed in the mid-2010s, a Chinese malware gang has not faced any legal consequences for their actions and has continued to operate undisturbed, spreading Android banking trojans inside South Korea.

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Vulnerability in time-syncing software puts a ton of corporate networks at risk

Security researchers have disclosed this week a vulnerability in the update mechanism of Domain Time II, one of the world’s most popular software packages, used for time management and time syncing operations inside some of the world’s largest corporations.

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New Cring ransomware deployed via unpatched Fortinet VPNs

Unpatched Fortinet VPN devices are being hacked to deploy a new strain of ransomware inside corporate networks, Russian security firm Kaspersky said today.

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Polish blogger sued after revealing security issue in encrypted messenger

The company behind the UseCrypt Messenger encrypted instant messaging application filed a lawsuit last month against a Polish security researcher for publishing an article that exposed a vulnerability in the app’s user invite mechanism.

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Gigaset smartphones infected with malware due to compromised update server

Hackers have compromised at least one update server of German smartphone maker Gigaset and deployed malware to some of the company’s customers.

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Man sentenced to prison after attempting to buy a neurotoxin on the dark web

A Missouri man was sentenced today to 12 years in prison after he attempted to buy a deadly poisonous chemical from the dark web during an undercover FBI operation. The suspect, a 46-year-old man named Jason William Siesser of Columbia, Missouri, was also denied parole due to the severity of his crime.

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Academics: Russia deployed new technology to throttle Twitter’s traffic

The Russian government appears to be using new technology to censor internet traffic inside its borders, a group of academics studying internet censorship across the globe said in a report published today.

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SAP systems usually come under attack 72 hours after a patch

Companies that run on-premises SAP systems usually come under attack 72 hours after security patches are released, SAP and enterprise security company Onapsis said in a joint security alert published today.