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Phishing sites reached all-time high in January 2021

The number of active phishing sites hit a record number earlier this year in January, according to an industry report published this week by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).

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Google abandons experiment to show simplified domain URLs in Chrome

Google’s experiment to hide parts of a site’s URL in the Chrome address bar (the Omnibox) has failed and has been removed from the browser earlier this week.

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Al Jazeera says it blocked cyberattack looking to disrupt & control its platform

Arab news conglomerate Al Jazeera said it blocked this week a series of cyberattacks that attempted to breach, disrupt, and control some parts of its news publishing platform.

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Authorities seize SlilPP, a marketplace for stolen login credentials

The US Department of Justice announced today it seized the servers and domains of SlilPP, a well-known online marketplace where criminal groups assembled to trade stolen login credentials.

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APT group targets diplomatic organizations in Africa and the Middle East

Security experts have discovered a new cyber-espionage (APT) group that has spent the past four years targeting diplomatic organizations across Africa and the Middle East.

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Russian hackers breached Dutch police systems in 2017

Hackers working on behalf of Russian intelligence services breached the internal network of Dutch police in 2017 during the country’s investigation of the MH-17 crash.

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Google patches Chrome zero-day linked to ‘commercial exploit company’

Google has released an update for the Chrome browser today to fix a zero-day vulnerability the company’s security team said was part of the arsenal of a “commercial exploit company.”

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Ransomware gangs are increasingly going after SonicWall devices

Over the course of the last few months, cybercrime groups have increasingly targeted SonicWall devices in order to breach corporate networks and deploy ransomware.

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Microsoft: ML infrastructure under atack from cryptomining gangs again

Microsoft said it detected a new malicious campaign that is hijacking Azure infrastructure typically used for machine learning operations in order to deploy cryptocurrency mining workloads.

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Microsoft patches six Windows zero-days, including a commercial exploit

Microsoft has released today its monthly batch of security updates, known in the industry as Patch Tuesday.