Report: Going to the Beijing Olympics? Leave anything with an electron home

1 week ago
Dina Temple-Raston

According to a new report, visitors to China during the Olympics who use local VPN software could unwittingly hand their…

Treasury Blacklists Eight Chinese Tech Firms for their Role in Uyghur Surveillance

The U.S. Treasury Department added eight Chinese technology firms, including drone maker DJI Technology Co Ltd, to an investment blacklist…

1 month ago

Biden Puts Top Chinese Military Medical Institute on Export Control Blacklist

control blacklist out of a growing concern that Beijing is using emerging medical technologies and “brain control weaponry” to boost…

1 month ago

China’s ride hailing giant Didi Chuxing to delist from NYSE, sell shares in Hong Kong

China's answer to UBer, Didi Chuxing, announced on Friday that it will delist from the New York Stock Exchange and…

2 months ago

Tencent bows to Beijing’s pressure, opens WeChat groups to social media rivals

Chinese internet giant Tencent will allow more content from third-party social media rivals to open directly within its popular WeChat…

2 months ago

Group-IB helps Italian officials take down scammers selling COVID-19 docs via Telegram

Italian police announced that they had broken up a criminal gang selling hundreds of fake passes and certificates via Telegram.

2 months ago

China’s top policymaking body charts plan for science and technology ‘self-sufficiency’

China's top leadership unveiled a plan for developing homegrown science and technology with an eye toward Chinese "self-sufficiency."

2 months ago

How the pandemic pulled Nigerian university students into cybercrime

“I needed to do something. I needed to survive,” said one student who began committing cyber fraud in lockdown.

2 months ago

Former MI6 chief Sir Alex Younger on why “intelligence is fundamental” to cybersecurity

"For states, organizations and individuals, intelligence is fundamental to our ability to keep ourselves safe. Understanding your environment, understanding the…

7 months ago

FIN7 manager sentenced to 7 years for role in global hacking scheme

A key member of the international cybercrime group FIN7 was sentenced to 84 months in prison and ordered to pay…

7 months ago

Conti ransomware hits Apple, Tesla supplier

The Conti ransomware gang has been linked to an attack on Delta Electronics, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company and a…

49 mins ago

Biden administration launches initiative to protect U.S. water systems from cyberattacks

The Biden administration on Thursday will kick off an effort to protect the country’s water sector from cyberattacks, the latest…

1 hour ago

DeepDotWeb co-admin sentenced to 8 years in prison

One of the two administrators of the DeepDotWeb portal was sentenced this week to 97 months in prison for receiving…

4 hours ago

Ukrainian government calls out false flag operation in recent data wiping attack

The Ukrainian government said today that it found evidence meant to connect the data wiping attack that hit its own…

17 hours ago

Meta’s free mode came with a cost, report says

Meta Connectivity (previously Facebook Connectivity) is facing scrutiny after reports emerged that their Free Basics program, which provides consumers in…

20 hours ago

White House releases final zero-trust strategy for federal government

The White House on Wednesday issued finalized plans for its strategy to move the federal government to a “zero-trust” cybersecurity…

23 hours ago

German government warns of APT27 activity targeting local companies

The German government said on Tuesday that a Chinese cyberespionage group known as APT27 has repeatedly attacked German companies over…

1 day ago

Cybercriminals laundered $8.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021

Cybercriminal gangs laundered an estimated $8.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency last year, in 2021, a 30% rise from the previous…

1 day ago

Android malware will factory-reset a phone after stealing a user’s funds

An Android banking malware strain has recently received a new feature that allows its operators to reset a device to…

2 days ago

Bipartisan bill would update federal cybersecurity rules, responsibilities

The leaders of the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday introduced legislation meant to revamp federal cybersecurity rules and clarify roles…

2 days ago

Segway website hacked and infected with payment card skimmer

Hackers have breached the Segway website and placed malicious code on its online store to collect payment card details from…

2 days ago

UK government plans to release Nmap scripts for finding vulnerabilities

The UK government's cyber-security agency plans to release Nmap scripts in order to help system administrators in scanning their networks…

2 days ago

Canada confirms cyber-attack on foreign affairs ministry

The Canadian government confirmed late last night that its foreign affairs ministry, Global Affairs Canada, was the victim of a…

2 days ago

DDoS attacks on Andorra’s internet linked to Squid Game Minecraft tournament

A high-stakes Minecraft tournament is believed to be the cause of a series of DDoS attacks that have hit Andorra's…

3 days ago

Four attorneys general sue Google for allegedly deceiving users over location data

A three-year-long investigation into Google’s privacy practices prompted four separate lawsuits filed on Monday by the attorneys general of the…

3 days ago

Cyber Partisans hacktivists claim credit for cyberattack on Belarusian Railways

Attack on networks and databases related to the national rail system in Belarus Monday comes as tensions mount in Eastern…

3 days ago

EU to fund bug bounty programs for LibreOffice, Mastodon, three others

The European Union will fund a bug bounty program for five open source projects that are heavily used by public…

3 days ago

Hacker abuses OpenSea to buy NFTs at older, cheaper prices

A threat actor has exploited a vulnerability in the backend of OpenSea, the internet's largest NFT marketplace, to buy products…

3 days ago

Why this threat intelligence expert believes cyberattacks aren’t Ukraine’s biggest concern

Dmitri Alperovitch, the former chief technology officer of CrowdStrike who co-founded the now $38 billion cybersecurity giant in 2011, says…

5 days ago

FSB detains administrator of UniCC carding forum

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has arrested the administrator of the UniCC carding forum and one of the members…

5 days ago

New MoonBounce UEFI bootkit can’t be removed by replacing the hard drive

Security researchers from Kaspersky said on Thursday that they had discovered a novel bootkit that can infect a computer's UEFI…

6 days ago

Merck wins cyber-insurance lawsuit related to NotPetya attack

A New Jersey court has ruled in favor of Merck in a lawsuit the pharmaceutical company filed against its insurer,…

6 days ago

Tonga begins to come back online after volcanic eruption

Online activity is starting to trickle out of the island nation of Tonga after a massive volcanic eruption.

7 days ago

Former Ukrainian official sanctioned for assisting Russian cyberattacks

The Treasury Department on Thursday imposed sanctions on four current and former Ukrainian government officials for engaging in "Russian government-directed…

7 days ago finally confirms major hack, says it lost $34 million

Cryptocurrency trading platform has formally confirmed on Thursday that it suffered a major security breach after suspending withdrawals for…

7 days ago