Nakasone: Foreign surveillance program helped fend off cyberattacks

2 weeks ago
Dina Temple-Raston

NSA Director Gen. Paul Nakasone said Thursday that the special targeted internet surveillance program for non-U.S. citizens known as Section…

I was already skeptical of NFTs. Then one stole my face.

The ongoing crypto collapse isn’t surprising to Jillian C. York after her likeness was turned into a non-consensual non-fungible token.

7 months ago

Will encryption be the new pro-choice litmus test?

‘You cannot be both pro-choice and anti-encryption:’ An encryption policy expert on digital security after Roe.

7 months ago

Nigeria’s electronic payments boom leaves some at risk for fraud

As fintech booms internationally, local consumer protection and cybersecurity policies haven’t always kept up.

7 months ago

The Entrepreneur and the Jihadist

The drone that would end Junaid Hussain’s short life in 2015 was the result of a series of avoidable events.…

9 months ago

How cybercrime remixed the Nigerian Music scene

The economics of Afrobeats, like many things in Nigeria, is tied to the economics of cybercrime.

10 months ago

A month into the Russian invasion, Ukraine is still mostly online

Heroic efforts by frontline technicians and a robust, competitive telecom market helped keep the country connected.

10 months ago

While Russian tanks attack, Ukrainian supporters hack back

Supporters of Ukraine at home and abroad are going on the offensive online.

10 months ago

The invasion of Ukraine started online long before troops marched on Kyiv

Tech reporter Daryna Antoniuk was displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is now covering it online.

11 months ago

Russia appears to deploy digital defenses after DDoS attacks

Russia appears to be geofencing its military website following attempts to knock it offline.

11 months ago

Meet the man who sued an Indian state over police facial recognition technology

SQ Masood's lawsuit is may set the stage for an ongoing legal fight over the future of facial recognition in…

12 months ago

Report: Going to the Beijing Olympics? Leave anything with an electron home

According to a new report, visitors to China during the Olympics who use local VPN software could unwittingly hand their…

1 year ago

Treasury Blacklists Eight Chinese Tech Firms for their Role in Uyghur Surveillance

The U.S. Treasury Department added eight Chinese technology firms, including drone maker DJI Technology Co Ltd, to an investment blacklist…

1 year ago

Biden Puts Top Chinese Military Medical Institute on Export Control Blacklist

control blacklist out of a growing concern that Beijing is using emerging medical technologies and “brain control weaponry” to boost…

1 year ago

China’s ride hailing giant Didi Chuxing to delist from NYSE, sell shares in Hong Kong

China's answer to UBer, Didi Chuxing, announced on Friday that it will delist from the New York Stock Exchange and…

1 year ago

Tencent bows to Beijing’s pressure, opens WeChat groups to social media rivals

Chinese internet giant Tencent will allow more content from third-party social media rivals to open directly within its popular WeChat…

1 year ago

Group-IB helps Italian officials take down scammers selling COVID-19 docs via Telegram

Italian police announced that they had broken up a criminal gang selling hundreds of fake passes and certificates via Telegram.

1 year ago

China’s top policymaking body charts plan for science and technology ‘self-sufficiency’

China's top leadership unveiled a plan for developing homegrown science and technology with an eye toward Chinese "self-sufficiency."

1 year ago

How the pandemic pulled Nigerian university students into cybercrime

“I needed to do something. I needed to survive,” said one student who began committing cyber fraud in lockdown.

1 year ago

Former MI6 chief Sir Alex Younger on why “intelligence is fundamental” to cybersecurity

"For states, organizations and individuals, intelligence is fundamental to our ability to keep ourselves safe. Understanding your environment, understanding the…

2 years ago

FIN7 manager sentenced to 7 years for role in global hacking scheme

A key member of the international cybercrime group FIN7 was sentenced to 84 months in prison and ordered to pay…

2 years ago

Simon Case rules himself out of potentially scandalous bid for GCHQ director role

The United Kingdom’s Cabinet Secretary Simon Case has ruled himself out of a potentially scandalous bid to take over the…

4 hours ago

Cyberattack confirmed as cause for phone and IT problems at British music school

A school in Guildford, southwest of London, has confirmed that a cyberattack is responsible for knocking out its phone lines…

4 hours ago

Russia blocks access to US ‘Rewards for Justice,’ FBI and CIA websites

Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor blocked access to the U.S. State Department’s Rewards for Justice website on Friday, alongside the sites…

5 hours ago

Large East Asian companies attacked with SparkRAT open source tool

Large companies in East Asia are being attacked with an open source tool named SparkRAT, according to a new report. …

21 hours ago

CISA’s Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative to tackle energy, water security in 2023

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) will be focusing this year on beefing up…

22 hours ago

‘We hacked the hackers:’ DOJ, FBI take down Hive ransomware after spending months inside gang systems

The FBI and Justice Department took down the infrastructure of the Hive ransomware group on Thursday, announcing that their agents…

1 day ago

Britain’s cyber intel agency GCHQ to start search for new director as Fleming signals departure

GCHQ, Britain’s cyber and signals intelligence agency, is searching for a new director, following the announcement on Thursday that Sir…

1 day ago

Google shut down thousands of pro-Beijing disinformation channels on Taiwan, COVID-19

Google says it shut down more than 50,000 accounts promoting pro-People’s Republic of China (PRC) disinformation in 2022 that focused…

1 day ago

Royal Mail progressing to full operations following ransomware attack

Royal Mail is progressing towards resuming full operations just two weeks after a ransomware attack caused “severe service disruption,” marking…

1 day ago

820,000 people affected by Zacks Investment Research breach from November 2021

Stock market data giant Zacks Investment Research is sending out breach notification letters to 820,000 people after discovering an intrusion…

2 days ago

British cyber agency issues warning over Russian and Iranian espionage campaigns

Two separate but similar espionage campaigns from Russian and Iranian-linked groups have prompted a warning from Britain’s National Cyber Security…

2 days ago

Exploit released for Microsoft bug allowing attacker to masquerade as legitimate entity

Researchers from Akamai have released a proof-of-concept for a vulnerability affecting a Microsoft tool that allows the Windows’ application programming…

2 days ago

CISA says federal agencies attacked in refund scam through remote management software

At least two federal civilian agencies were exploited by cybercriminals as part of a refund scam campaign perpetrated through the…

2 days ago

North Korean hackers use fake job offers, salary bumps as lure for crypto theft

Hackers connected to the North Korean military used a variety of new phishing methods in 2022 to steal cryptocurrency, according…

2 days ago

FBI: North Korean hacking group Lazarus behind $100 million crypto heist

The FBI accused the notorious North Korean hacker group Lazarus of stealing $100 million from a United States-based cryptocurrency firm…

2 days ago

Russia suffered record number of DDoS attacks last year: report

Russia’s private businesses and state services faced a record number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks last year, fueled by pro-Ukrainian…

2 days ago

Hilton denies hack after data from 3.7 million Honors customers offered for sale

UPDATE: After examining the hacker forum post, a Hilton spokesperson claimed the data being offered for sale does not include…

2 days ago

DuoLingo investigating dark web post offering data from 2.6 million accounts

Language learning platform DuoLingo said it is investigating a post on a hacking forum offering information on 2.6 million customer…

3 days ago

Senators slam Ticketmaster for reporting just one bot case to FTC despite Taylor Swift fiasco claims

Several U.S. Senators criticized Ticketmaster during a Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday for only reporting one case of bot abuse…

3 days ago

GoTo says hackers stole encrypted backups during November cyberattack

Multibillion-dollar software-as-a-service provider GoTo said hackers stole an encryption key for customer-owned backups during a November cyberattack. In a statement…

3 days ago

Riot Games receives ‘ransom email’ for stolen source code following social engineering attack

Riot Games, the video game developer and esports organizer, said on Tuesday that it had received a ransom email following…

3 days ago

Ohio town working to restore municipal court systems after cyberattack

An Ohio town is investigating a cyberattack that has brought down the systems used by their court and may have…

3 days ago

Pakistani authorities investigating if cyberattack caused nationwide blackout

Pakistani authorities are investigating whether a nationwide blackout which left millions of people without power on Monday was caused by…

3 days ago

Exclusive: Axon still wants to put Taser drones in your kid’s school

This week, Axon, the company that developed the Taser, is hosting a conference in Las Vegas called TaserCon. The event is…

3 days ago

Congressman ‘coming for answers’ after ‘no-fly list’ hack

A Republican congressman on the House Committee on Homeland Security is seeking answers about last week's hack of regional airline…

4 days ago